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Surfing Ireland

Best Coastlines & Surf Spots

Surfing Ireland Is A Popular Thing

Surfing Ireland has become popular day by day with the best surf spots and holiday events to attract surfers and tourists alike. Since the 60s, it has been a famous surf spot which led to establishing international holiday events, surf shops, and many more. Although Ireland welcomes people with cool temperatures, its ocean waters charm surfers with mild water temperatures of up to 21 degrees Celsius in summer.

On your next vacation, come to Ireland and experience what the cold paradise has to offer. Explore Ireland’s best surfing spots, be mesmerised with mountain landscapes and oceans, and participate in surf festivals such as shore shots Irish Surf Festival or Sea Sessions. Find out what makes Ireland different from the rest.

Get to know Ireland’s Surfing paradise with our blog and articles. Learn about the best beaches and hidden gems and some tips on how to surf like a local in Ireland.

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Quick Facts About Surfing Ireland

Before coming to Ireland, learn about some quick facts to fully immerse yourself in Ireland’s culture and lifestyle. Ireland has a population of 4,500,000 and is divided into independent sovereign countries: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is best known for its shore shots Irish Festival

Surfers or tourists can enjoy the cool summers and mild winters with plenty of clouds. Amateurs and experienced surfers come here to enjoy the variety of coastlines, from popular to undiscovered surf spots. To get the best waves, between September and May guarantees powerful ocean waves but can be too cold for some.

Irish Surfing Beaches Are The Best

Waves and Surf

It’s not just about getting the big waves, but it’s the quality of experience you get that makes you want to come back to Ireland’s coastlines. Heading to a surf spot is more than just driving and dropping off, but sometimes, you’ll have to go through fields or pass through secluded paths.

Going to a surfing village promises unique experiences with its pubs and bars and endless Irish music. Both new and experienced surfers can enjoy a variety of surfing conditions. Plus, beginners are always welcomed by surfing schools and friendly instructors. Whatever season you come, there will never be a shortage of waves, from big to small ones.

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Find The Best Surf Spots, Surf Shops, Events, And More!

One of the best things about surfing Ireland is the people you meet at the pubs or shops after a good surf. Nothing beats Irish music and dancing that is fun and relaxing after catching some waves. With us, we can help you find the best surf spots, from big waves to more friendly beaches for newbies.

On this site, you’ll find various articles about unique surf shops to visit and events to go to. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a surfing trip with your friends, don’t forget to read our tips and advice on various topics including the best time to go, how to prepare for surfing Ireland, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a wide variety of beaches and coastlines on every corner of Ireland. Choose from a variety of beaches, reefs, and breakpoints, depending on your preference. The common surfing destinations are in the North West, West Coast, South West Coast, South East Coast, and East Coast.

Some of the most popular surfing Ireland destinations are Donegal, Sligo, Clare, Kerry, and Waterford. In Donegal, you can surf at Mullaghmore. If you go to Kerry, there are many surfing spots such as Inch and Bally Beach.

The Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival is a festival for culture, arts, film, music, photography, and all things surfing. It was a regular festival held in Dublin but is now celebrated in Sligo.