Surf Spots Ireland

Must-Visit Surf Spots Ireland

Must-Visit Surf Spots Ireland

Pack your bags and prepare yourself for a road trip of adventure. You can visit several coastlines across Ireland that promises a variety of coasts for every level. Whether you are new to surfing or a pro looking for a new challenge, Ireland has what you’re looking for that you need to take advantage of. Surfing school Ireland and surf shops are one of the few things that complete your Irish surfing adventure. Choose from the best waves, delicious food, chill pubs, and awesome sightseeing spots in the country.

This article will give you all reasons to embark on a surfing trip with friends and family. We have listed the top three surf spots Ireland that you should try to test your abilities while enjoying Irish culture.

Surfing In Ireland - Donegal, The Surfing Capital

First things first, head over to the northwest coast in the surf capital of Ireland: County Donegal. There are many surf spots in the area and the most popular one is Bundoran. Coming to the coast comes with countless choices of surf schools, pubs, restaurants, and nightlife.

Bundoran is perfect for amateurs, intermediate, and even seasoned surfers. You’ll find a choice of different waves coming in each direction. If you want to catch one of the world’s biggest waves breakpoints, come to Mullaghmore in Donegal for this tantalising beast. It can be quite dangerous but it has been surfed by the pros.

Superb County Sligo

Superb County Sligo

Sligo has several beaches for surfing but the most notable ones are Strandhill beach and Enniscrone beach. Enniscrone is known for its magnificent waves that are most suitable for seasoned surfers. If you are a beginner, you can still enjoy the front waves and have surfing lessons on the local beach.

If you’re heading south to Sligo, you’ll find Strandhill beach which is an excellent small beach for surfing. Whatever season you visit, it promises the best waves all year round. On this beach, you’ll get a glimpse of Knocknarea mountain full of rich history and Irish folklore. It is even believed that Queen Maeve is buried here to keep her away.

County Kerry

County Kerry on the southwest coast is ideal for its diverse coastline. If you prefer long sandy beaches, visit the Inch and Banna beaches. And for the longest beach reaching about 20km, Brandon Bay is the best place to go. On the coast, you’ll get views of the soaring Kerry mountains. Plus, the Atlantic cliff break is a challenge for experienced surfers.

These are only a few of the most popular surf spots Ireland. As you go around the coastline of Ireland, you’ll discover other surfing ireland spots including Whiterocks beach in County Antrim, Killahoey beach in Dunfanaghy Donegal, and Lahinch beach in Munster. All these beaches have spots for new and experienced surfers.