Shore Shots

Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival

Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival

If you like surfing festivals UK, then you’ll surely enjoy Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival. It was originally celebrated in Dublin and is now held in County Sligo. It is a popular attraction to local Irish people and people from across Europe. The festival usually takes place for a few days and has a theme to follow. The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness regarding certain issues of the world. For instance, the 2018 Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival focused on the awareness of single-use plastics.

Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival promises an action-packed series of events that has celebrities, guest speakers, and famous surfers. It’s the best time of the year to bring people together and showcase their talents related to surfing and film.

What Happens On Shore Shots Surf Festivals?

The festival is all about film and photography. It highlights the work of film-makers, photographers, and surfers. They share what they have captured in the past year through pictures and films of the waves they caught.

Of course, it’s also a celebration to catch up and have good beers to promote their cause. In 2018, since it focused on plastic being thrown in the ocean, the pictures and videos that were shared were about the ocean litter scattered in the waters, the sea turtles covered in plastic, and many more.

Sea Sessions

Sea Sessions

Another most celebrated festival is Sea Sessions, an award-winning music festival that has taken place across the coast of Ireland in Bundoran, Donegal. It usually takes place in the summer, being Europe’s best surfing festival. The festival lasts for three days and is celebrated with famous musicians.

Of course, it won’t be a surf festival without a surfing competition. That’s why it is held in Bundoran, a place packed with the best waves for surfers. It’s a three-day festival filled with booze, music, and Irish craic. Because of the huge success of the festival, many brands sponsored the event which led to better camping facilities.

Doolin Surf Festival

Known as Doolin Surfest, the Doolin Surf Festival is a three-day event that takes place in March. It’s a festival for surfers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians to showcase their work and show appreciation of the ocean. Expect to witness various competitions, exhibitions, films, and of course, the best local food. The Doolin Surfest is held in County Clare and promises big rewards in competitions.

Some competition categories to watch out for are Best Wave and Best Wipeout. If you have come to witness the festival, you will surely be mesmerised by the amazing location and spectacular landscapes. Plus, there will always be exclusive content that will be shown only at the festival. Off to your next vacation? Don’t forget to add Shore Shots surfing ireland and other surf festivals to your list.