Awe Grip Locking Alloy Grips

Awe Grip Locking Alloy Grips
Categories: Surfing, Surfboards
Brand: Awe
Color: One Colour
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Awe Grip Locking Alloy Grips AWE® AWEGrip™ MTB/BMX alloy locking handlebar grips; mountain bike super comfortable. Ergonomically designed for maximum performance and shock absorption. AWE® green/black with AWE® logo end caps and AWE® laser logo on locking rings. 0.3cm allen key lock-on clamps; total size - 13cm long including locking ends; grip length 10.6cm long. Depth: 30 MM Height: 130 MM Width: 70 MM Cycle Accessories Type: Grips AWE® AWEGrip™ maximum comfort Alloy Locking Grips Lime Green and Black Coloured Lightweight Alloy Locking Grips With AWE® Lazer logo 2cm Diameter Fit AWE® Bar End Caps Included Total Size - 13cm Long Including Locking Ends; Grip Length 10.6cm Long