Babymoov Grow'Isy Silicone Feeding Set (24-36Months)

Babymoov Grow'Isy Silicone Feeding Set (24-36Months)
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Brand: Babymoov
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The Grow’isy Silicone Feeding Set helps encourage independent eating and fine motor skill development. This 100% silicone age-adapted baby feeding set is designed to support the development of your child’s hand-eye coordination as they learn to feed themselves. Silicone divider plate with unique safety food cutting fins Developed with a french Occupational Therapist, not only does the Babymoov feeding set encourage fine motor skills and co-ordination but gives baby early independence to safely explore foods in their natural shape. The cutting fins are situated on both the left and right hand side of the plate to accommodate left-handed eating and right-handed eating. Silicone divider plate with unique safety food cutting fins Babymoov GrowISY mealtime set includes 2 x 100% silicone flexible spoons in beautiful two-tone colours - the ideal soft curved feeding spoons for an easy grip and a deep spoon head for easy scooping of food. Ergonomic silicone easy-sip drinking bottle The silicone drinking bottle is specifically designed with a curved shape which enables baby to hold the handle securely and easily turn it 90 degrees to drink. The handle is situated so baby doesn’t have to throw their head back to drink, only to move their wrist. The bottle comes with 2 different flow silicone drinking teats - slow and fast flow depending on your baby/baby’s age. Co-created specifically with child-care professionals Babymoov has worked with childcare professionals (occupational therapist, paediatricians and nutritionists) to develop the EAT’S ISY range: age-adapted mealtime accessories ergonomicallly designed to meet your baby’s needs. 100% silicone and age specific, EAT’S ISY will help your child through all the stages of weaning and becoming independent. Depth: 300 MM Height: 230 MM Material Content: 100% Silicone, BPA-Free Width: 60 MM Age Range: 2+ 100% food-grade silicone 3-piece mealtime set: suction plate, x2 spoons and drinks bottle Co-created with an Occupational Therapist Unique Suction plate with integrated cutting finns to break food 1 silicone suction divider plate 2 x silicone ergonomic spoon 1 x easy sip silicone drinks bottle Dishwasher-friendly