Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton+ Day Time Routine Bundle

Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton+ Day Time Routine Bundle
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Brand: Beauty Kitchen
Color: One Colour
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Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton+ Day Time Routine Bundle The ultimate Seahorse Plankton+ morning routine! Prep your skin and leave your complexion bright, radiant and protected all day with this kit. Cleanse and exfoliate with the Revitalising Gel Cleanser and Konjac Sponge; tone with the Super Soothing Toner, hydrate and protect with Really Radiant Moisturiser and target fine lines and pigmentation with High Definition Facial Oil. What’s Included: - Really Radiant Moisturiser 60ml - a rich day cream that hydrates fine lines and protects against skin damaging pollution - High Definition Facial Oil 30ml - a supercharged facial oil that targets fine lines and reduces redness, boosting collagen by 19% in just 24 hours, leaving skin noticeably smoother and brighter - Revitalising Gel Cleanser 150ml - A gel-based cleanser for gentle yet effective cleansing, that washes away the day for bright and hydrated skin - Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge - A super soft sponge infused with Blue Chamomile to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin daily, made from plant roots and totally plastic free. - Super Soothing Toner 100ml - A soothing, refreshing toner that preps skin and aids the absorption of moisturiser and facial oils. - Large Reusable Face Cloth - a durable, natural plastic free face cloth! Perfect for providing light exfoliation, even to sensitive skin Height: 200 MM Width: 200 MM CEW UK Responsible Beauty Winner 2021 This packaging has been designed with reusability in mind. Either reuse it yourself or send it to us for free & we’ll reuse it in our next batch. How we designed this packaging with sustainability in mind: Aluminium Bottle – Recycle with home recycling, or return them to us and we’ll wash and reuse them Pump - Our pumps are fully recyclable. They contain plastic and metal - Return them to us and we’ll take care of that for you! Rock Paper Labels –It’s 80% limestone dust and is made using no water and no bleach. Applied using ultra low-tack adhesive.