Bestway Hydro-Force White Cap Sup Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Set 10Ft

Bestway Hydro-Force White Cap Sup Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Set 10Ft
Brand: Bestway
Color: One Colour
369.99 GBP
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Bestway Hydro-Force White Cap SUP Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Set 10ft Whether you’ve planned a day of ocean exploration or a serene morning on a calm lake, the Hydro-Force White Cap Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Set is exactly what you need to help you tap into adventure. Durable Construction: Its element and puncture resistant material and sleek design is a winning combination for anyone looking to hit the water. Take the White Cap in salt water, fresh water or down a winding river under the hot sun. No matter where you’re headed, it’s no match for this paddleboard. The board’s drop stitch material allows it to be extremely rigid, stable in the water and all-weather dependable. Additional Features: The White Cap’s lightweight paddle is the ideal counterpart for this board and allows riders to easily paddle through various bodies of water. The removable fin increases steering power and speed, allowing users to feel like total pros on the water! Simply detach the fin at the end of your journey for a compact, neat fold that takes up minimal space. The paddleboard also comes with a leash to make sure you never stray from your board and a convenient travel bag that makes transporting the deflated board to and from destinations a total breeze. No matter the voyage or the passenger, the all-around White Cap SUP is the perfect addition. Depth: 3050 MM Height: 120 MM Width: 840 MM Size: 3.05 m x 84 cm x 12 cm (10 ft. x 33 in. x 4.75 in.) All-Around SUP - best shape for flat water and small wave riding Drop stitch material provides that storage and portability benefits of an inflatable product with the strength and durability of a hard-sided board Weight Capacity: 120 kg (264 lbs) Adjustable 217 cm (85 Inch) paddle Removable fin allows for easy steering and faster speed Elastic storage cord holds essentials in place while you paddle Non-slip traction pad increases grip and stability Convenient deck handle to easily carry the board 5 minute set up