Beurer Hearing Amplifier Ha20

Beurer Hearing Amplifier Ha20
Categories: Accessories, Ear Care
Brand: Beurer
Color: One Colour
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Beurer Hearing Amplifier HA20 If you¿re a little hard of hearing, day-to-day social environments can become intimidating and you may even find yourself avoiding them. The Beurer HA20 Hearing Amplifier is a comfortable and discreet hearing amplifier that sits neatly behind your ear to help amplify the volume of all sounds around you to a maximum of 128db. It comes in a protective storage box with 3 different earplug attachments for an individual and comfortable fit to your ear canal. The Beurer hearing amplifier is lightweight and simple to use, so you can go about your social life with a little more confidence. Power Type: Battery Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Max. amplification: 40db Max. volume: 128db Frequency range: 200-5000 Hz Product dimensions: 40 x 40 x 12 mm Product weight: approx. 9 g Battery powered: 2x 1.4v PR48 batteries (included) Includes protective storage box Certified medical device