Beurer Hearing Amplifier Ha50

Beurer Hearing Amplifier Ha50
Categories: Accessories, Ear Care
Brand: Beurer
Color: One Colour
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Beurer Hearing Amplifier HA50 If you¿re a little hard of hearing, day-to-day social environments can become intimidating and you may even find yourself avoiding them. The medically certified Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier is comfortable to wear and boasts a barely-there design that sits neatly behind your ear to help amplify the volume of all sounds around you to a maximum of 128db. It comes in a robust storage case with 3 different earplug attachments for a comfortable and individual fit to your ear canal. The Beurer hearing amplifier is lightweight, discreet and is simple to use, so you can go about your social life with a little more confidence. Power Type: Battery Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Max. amplification: 40db Max. volume: 128db Frequency range: 100-6000 Hz Product dimensions: 40 x 40 x 10 mm Product weight: approx. 9 g Battery powered: 2x 1.4v PR48 batteries (included) Includes protective storage box Certified medical device