Bio Synergy Activeman Oatein

Bio Synergy Activeman Oatein
Categories: Accessories, Ear Care
Brand: Bio Synergy
Color: One Colour
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Fuel your day and your muscles with Bio Synergy Oatein. This delicious blend of oats and whey protein is the perfect fuel for your fitness. Every fitness enthusiast’s favourite nutrients - oats and whey - are now together in one delicious shake. Activeman Oatein gives you all the goodness of Scottish rolled oats, supplying slow-burning complex carbohydrates , heart-healthy beta-glucan and hunger-beating fibre. You also get a heavyweight portion of whey protein , which is easily digested and provides impressive amounts of BCAAs to h elp your muscles repair and grow. Our 100% natural Oatein combines the benefits of these nutritional champions in a smooth, tasty shake that’s quick to make. Each serving packs in 20g of whey protein and as much fibre as a bowl of oatmeal. As you expect from a Bio-Synergy brand, Activeman Oatein is free of artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours. Best of all, you can enjoy Oatein at any time of the day - it’s great for breakfast, after workouts and whenever you’re looking for an on-the-go meal. Depth: 80 MM Height: 200 MM Width: 80 MM