Doog Neon Harness - Bolt- Large

Doog Neon Harness - Bolt- Large
Brand: Doog
Color: One Colour
16.99 GBP
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The DOOG High Vis Harness is specially designed for active pooches. If you have a furry friend with boundless energy, they’ll love the DOOG High Visibility harness. It is adjustable in 2 places, making it soft and comfortable for walks and exercise. Crafted from a special ‘Neoflex’ material, it is like a wetsuit for dogs – perfect for even the most action-packed adventures. It also has a reflective finish, perfect for keeping them safe during evening walks. Size: Neck 13-16 inches, Chest 19.5-27.5 inches. High vis neoprene material Adjustable in 2 places Lightweight, soft and comfortable Active wear for dogs Like a wet suit for dogs