Forenza Uno Full Size Violin Outfit.

Forenza Uno Full Size Violin Outfit.
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Brand: Forenza
Color: Black
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Forenza Uno Full Size Violin Outfit. The Forenza Uno Series of violin outfit are designed for students and beginners. Whether starting out to play at school for the first time or moving up through the sizes the Uno series violin outfits contain everything you need to get playing straight away. Unlike some student violins the Forenza Uno series are all supplied with the bridge fitted to the individual violin (the instrument will still require fine tuning of course!). This saves time when you receive it or have your first lesson and avoids the worry of putting the bridge up if you are unsure of what you are doing. The tuning pegs are well fitted and you always have the integral adjusters in the tail piece for fine tuning. The Uno black series are finished in a stylish black sparkle varnish and the instruments all produce a pleasing tone. The bows, as is common with all new bows, need to have rosin applied to them prior to first use in order for sound to be produced. All Forenza Uno series violins are supplied in a light weight hard case fitted with a handle and shoulder straps. Accessory List: Violin, bow, rosin, soft case Depth: 520 MM Ideal violin outfit for a student or beginner Supplied with fitted bridge Fitted tuning pegs & integral tail piece fine tuners Includes wooden bow with rosin block, please note you will need to apply rosin to the bow before playing to make a sound Lightweight zipped case with handle and shoulder straps Height: 100 MM Width: 184 MM