Head Ig Elite Lite Tennis Racket

Head Ig Elite Lite Tennis Racket
Categories: Surfing, Surfboards
Brand: Head
Color: One Colour
Size: Grip 1 = 4 1/8¿,Grip 2 = 4 ¼¿,Grip 3 = 4 3/8¿,Grip 4 = 4 ½¿
84.99 GBP
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IG Elite Lite Tennis Racket The Head IG Elite Lite tennis racket is a great choice for beginners and improving players who want to take the game to the next level. With an oversized 107in2 (690cm2) head, the frame offers maximum forgiveness and easy power generation, whilst the use of Innegra technology results in improved stability, increased shock absorption and greater precision. Weighing only 260g (9.2oz), the Elite Lite delivers a lightweight feel, better manoeuvrability, and easy handling to help novice players improve reaction time and get the most out of every aspect of their game. This evenly balanced racket is pre-strung with a durable synthetic gut string in an open, spin-friendly 16x19 string pattern providing enhanced power potential. Plus, it is constructed from graphite to guarantee increased stiffness, strength, and shock absorption, and make it easier to control both the ball and your opponent. Oversized 107in2 (690cm2) head delivering a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness and added power Ideal for beginners and improving players Lightweight 260g (9.2oz) frame ensuring easy manoeuvrability, increased shot control and better handling Evenly balanced for optimum blend of power and control Beam Width: 23mm-26mm-23mm Length: 27" (685mm) Strung with a durable synthetic gut string Open 16x19 string pattern for a comfortable feel and greater spin potential Graphite construction providing improved stability and strength Grip: Dual Absorbing. The racket is supplied without a cover