Lay-Z-Spa Aruba Airjet Spa (2-3 Adults)

Lay-Z-Spa Aruba Airjet Spa (2-3 Adults)
Categories: Accessories, Ear Care
Brand: Lay-Z-Spa
Color: One Colour
499.99 GBP
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The Aruba AirJet™ is inspired by the tropics with its colourful and appealing design that will brighten up any outdoor space. Designed to comfortably fit 2-3 people, the Aruba AirJet hot tub is bound to impress your guests. Taking full advantage of its compact design, this spa is perfect for entertaining or enjoying an intimate spa experience for 2. The pump’s digital control panel allows you to activate the all-surrounding 140 AirJets, rapid heating system, temperature control and the power-saving timer. This means you can schedule it to start heating up so that it’s ready to use whenever you feel like taking a dip! It includes Lay-Z-Spa’s Freeze Shield which automatically kicks in when the temperature drops and prevents your water from freezing. This means you can use this hot tub all year round. The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii AirJet also comes with a ChemConnet chemical dispenser, insulating lid and a strong top cover to prevent debris from falling in - because your spa experience should be perfect every time. Soothing AirJet™ bubble massage system (110 jets) Ultra-strong DuraPlus™ walls are stress tested to offer durability Freeze Shield™ automatic heating prevents water from freezing & damaging the spa Program the spa heater up to 40 days in advance for future use ChemConnect™ dispenser provides a stable level of chlorine throughout the spa Power-saving, timer-controlled heating system Digital control panel & spa pump with integrated filtration system includes cup holders and is accessible from inside the spa Reinforced cover with safety lock clips Capacity: 2-3 adults & Inflated Size: 1.70 m x 66 cm (67" x 26") Contents: 1 spa, 1 pool cover, 1 spa pump, filter cartridge (VI), 1 ChemConnect™ dispenser, repair patch, AirJet™ system