Osa Fine Spirits Gin 70Cl

Osa Fine Spirits Gin 70Cl
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Brand: OSA Fine Spirits
Color: One Colour
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Pink 47 Gin - this exotic London Dry Gin is inspired by the legendary Khavaraya pink diamond. Flavoured with 12 ingredients from all over the world, this blend produces a uniquely complex flavour with a wonderfully crisp finish without a trace of harshness. Pink 47 is expertly distilled 4 times, while at 47% ABV it’s perfect to drink with a tonic or as the base for a superb cocktail. This critically acclaimed gin has even won awards since its launch in 2007. Useful info: Flavoured with 12 ingredients Complex and crisp flavour Distilled 4 times 47% ABV Award-winning Pink 47 Gin Ingredients: Demineralised water 53%, Natural Juniper Berries 2.08%, Natural Moroccan Coriander Seeds 0.2%, Natural Bulgarian Coriander Seeds 0.2%, Natural Saxonian Angelica Root 0.2%, Natural Belgium Angelica Root 0.2%, Natural Lemon Peel 0.2%, Natural Orris Root 0.2%, Natural Liquorice Root 0.2%, Natural Bitter Almond 0.2%, Natural Cassia Bark 0.2%, Natural Orange Peels 0.2%, Natural Nutmeg 0.2%. For all ingredients and allergen information please see product images Age Restriction: Please note: Customers must be 18 or over to purchase this item.