Osprey Mint Foamie Surfboard 9Ft 3

Osprey Mint Foamie Surfboard 9Ft 3
Brand: Osprey
Color: One Colour
269.99 GBP
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Osprey Mint Foamie Surfboard 9ft 3 With lots of volume and float for stability, the 9ft Mint Foam Surfboard is made for beginners and intermediate riders. The larger brother of our 8ft foamie, the 9ft Mint Foamie Surfboard offers plenty of size and stability for beginner surfers owing to its square tail design. The tail shape also allows it to perform pivotal turns as well as long drawn out turns on the wave, which makes it perfect for those just finding their feet. The 9ft Mint foam board comes with a soft XPE foam deck which allows for great shock absorption and a more forgiving landing should you take a fall. With an EPS core and 4 wooden stringers it’s both lightweight and durable, so it can withstand bashes and bangs even when you fall off. Including fins and leash, this board has everything needed for your next surf. Depth: 2820 MM Height: 90 MM Width: 590 MM Type: Foam Surfboard Core: EPS Expanded Polystyrene Length: 9ft 3 Tail: Square Tail Fins and Leash: 3 Fin System and Leash Included Rider Ability: Beginner