Osprey Womens Zero Full Length Wetsuit 5Mm - Coral

Osprey Womens Zero Full Length Wetsuit 5Mm - Coral
Brand: Osprey
Color: One Colour
Size: L/36",LT/36",M/34.5",MT/34",S/32.5",ST/32.5",XL/38",XS/31"
99.99 GBP
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Osprey Womens Zero Full Length Wetsuit 5mm - Coral With many of the features of a premium wetsuit, the Osprey Zero 5mm wetsuit is setting a new standard in affordable yet quality wetsuits. With glued and blind-stitched seams to prevent cold water flushing, anti-rub collar and openings and YKK zip, the Zero is optimised to increase comfort and let you stay in the water for longer. With 5mm neoprene making up the core of the suit, key areas of motion have been made with 4mm neoprene to increase comfort and flexibility. The addition of Supratex knee pads adds another level of durability, whilst the windresistant panelling means you’re even more protected from the elements, allowing you to enjoy the waves for longer. Thickness: 5/4MM Durable YKK zips Durable Supratex knee pads for comfort and increased durability Super stretch shoulders and collar to resist rubbing and add comfort Glued and blined stitched for durability Windproof mesh chest panel