Our Generation Maya Deluxe Swim Doll

Our Generation Maya Deluxe Swim Doll
Brand: Our Generation
Color: One Colour
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Swim toward your dreams with Maya, the talented swimmer from Our Generation! This 46 cm doll has ocean-blue eyes that open and close, long red hair that’s fun to brush and style, and is poseable! Maya can rotate and bend her arms and legs to move like a real swimmer. Put on her swim cap and goggles when it’s time to compete for the gold, silver, or bronze medal - she’s been practising super hard! Carry all of Maya’s accessories in her knapsack when she’s on her way to the competition. The straps easily open to neatly fit her towel, swim cap, and goggles! Maya’s swimsuit also has easy-open closures that make it quick to put on and remove, so she can change into other colourful outfits to celebrate with her friends right after the tournament! Age Range: 3+ Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years