Pair Of Box Balls 25Cm

Pair Of Box Balls 25Cm
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Brand: Very
Color: One Colour
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PAIR OF BOX BALLS 25CM Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Northern Ireland. It’s hard to beat the sleek and simple lines of well-trimmed quality Buxus balls, adding a smart and modern yet classic look to any garden. Whether dressing either side of a porch, or in minimalist decking gardens, it’s hard to think of another easy to grow yet versatile plant as god as Box. Totally hardy too, leave them out all year - they look great covered in snow too! Grown slowly over 4 years, regularly trimmed 2 or 3 times a year to get the fabulous razor-sharp ball shape, they are super-green and fresh and the centres have none of the brown middle die-back cheaper Box can suffer from. The key with Box is not to let them dry out - especially when in full sun for much of the day. Keep the roots cool and well-watered. Trim with sharp shears once or twice a year, and feed with a balanced fertiliser from May to September, applied to the soil. Start thinking of those containers you may put them in now, and take advantage of these very special quality plants. Height: 100cm Spread: 100cm. Plant: Jan-Dec. Potted: N Add a touch of classic style to your garden with these superb quality, trimmed Box Topiary Balls. They’re the perfect pair for placing either side of gates, doors, porches and pathways in decorative planters. Slow growing and winter hardy, they’re low maintenance and so easy to care for and can be left out in the garden all year. This pair of 25cm diameter balls represent tremendous value from one of Europe’s leading Box plant growers. Supplied as a pair of Box Topiary Ball plants 22-25cm diameter, in 20cm pots, ready to plant out all year.