Patchology Moodpatch Chill Mode - 5 Pairs/Box

Patchology Moodpatch Chill Mode - 5 Pairs/Box
Categories: Surfing, Underwear
Brand: Patchology
Color: Multi
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Patchology moodpatch Chill Mode - 5 Pairs/Box Bask in ten minutes of blissful relaxation, while your delicate undereyes are softened, toned, and protected. Soothing Cannabis Seed Oil contains anti-inflammatory Gamma-Linoleic Acid (not as scary as it sounds, promise) to speed cell turnover, and the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which nourish and protect those brand new skin cells. These eye gels are further boosted with redness-reducing Allantoin, and a botanical blend of antioxidant Rhodiola Root Extract, anti- photoaging Reishi Mushroom Extract, and powerfully hydrating “nature’s Hyaluronic Acid” Snow Mushroom Extract. Add them together, and these eye gels are basically a superfood that will keep your under eyes, super chill— Depth: 23.8 MM Height: 130.2 MM Width: 109.6 MM