Play-Doh Playdoh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset

Play-Doh Playdoh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset
Categories: Street, Shoes
Brand: Play-Doh
Color: One Colour
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Turn your child’s play space into the ultimate Play-Doh ice cream van party! This life-size kitchen set gives children a big space to express their big imaginations. Your little one can create so many pretend treats with the 27 tools and soft-serve station! They can even customise the creations with the Play-Doh sprinkle maker, tools and pretend sweet moulds, and check out customers at the register! Fun music and cash register sounds make children feel like they’re really running their own ice cream van. 12 pots of Play-Doh modelling compound give them all the colours they need to get started. The toy food van was also designed with parents in mind with lots of storage and easy ways to clean up when the fun is done for the day! Accessory List: Includes: ice cream van playset, 2 ice cream scoop moulds, ice cream sandwich mould, 4 dishes, 6 con Age Range: 3+