Quercus Robur Tree (12L, 5-6Ft)

Quercus Robur Tree (12L, 5-6Ft)
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Quercus robur Tree (12L, 5-6ft) Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Northern Ireland. The English Oak Tree is an imposing and majestic tree, often known as the King of Trees, while the Beech is the Queen. The name, Quercus robur, is derived from the Celtic word Quer' which means fine and the word Cuez’ which means tree. A Fine Tree it certainly is! Depth: 60 CM Height: 150 CM Width: 60 CM Potted: N Supplied Height: 5-6ft Characteristics: Majestic Oak with dark green foliage in summer and acorns in autumn. A bare gnarled tree structure adds interest in winter. Flowering: Insignificant male and female flowers in separate trees in June. Height and Spread in 20 years: 7m / 5m. Large tree with a broad head. Hardiness and Best Position: Fully hardy. Full sun or partial shade. Soil Type: Fertile & well drained