Resistant Cord

Resistant Cord
Categories: Surfing, Surf Leashes
Brand: Very
Color: One Colour
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Make every workout more challenging with this Resistant Cord. This training tool gives you dynamic resistance, while the 360º rotation belt with free motionring allows for movement in any direction. This set includes a belt, flexi-cord attachment leash, safety handle and storage bag. Depth: 7.5 MM Height: 30.5 MM Width: 25.5 MM Assembly: Ready Assembled The Resistance Cord allows you to maximise motions that are specific to your sport during resistance and assistance training. Build strength and conditioning for sprinting, leaping, shuffling and change of direction! 360-degrees rotation belt with free motion ring allows you to move in any direction. Includes belt, flexi-cord attachment leash, safety handle, storage bag.