Super 7 Super Gain Strawberry Post-Workout Recovery And Gain Enhancer - 908 Grams

Super 7 Super Gain Strawberry Post-Workout Recovery And Gain Enhancer - 908 Grams
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Brand: Super 7
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Super 7 Super Gain is an innovative post-workout formula, packed with fast-absorbing protein, fast-absorbing carbs, l-glutamine, BCAAs, beta-alanine AND calcium! Get everything your body needs after a workout in one cutting-edge shake. Improve your strength, build and repair muscles and reduce your recovery time with Super Gain! Every scoop gives you whey and soya protein , fast-absorbing carbs as well as 300mg L-glutamine and 300mg BCAAs - all of which are known to enhance strength and recovery . What you put into your body after a workout will affect what you get out of the session. To put it simply, don’t waste your time by working hard in the gym only to then neglect your post-workout nutrition. That’s exactly why Super 7 developed Super Gain. It’s engineered to feed your muscles with the optimum nutrients right after your gym session. Super Gain is a revolutionary post-workout formula that kick starts your recovery immediately after a workout by giving your muscles the nutrition they need most. Super Gain is packed with high quality whey and soya protein, an impressive 300mg L-glutamine, 300mg BCAAs and fast-absorbing carbs . Studies show that a post-workout shake with these nutrients has a big impact on the amount of muscle you can build and your rate of recovery. Super Gain delivers the ideal recovery drink in the critical 30-minute Window of Opportunity following exercise, helping you get closer to your physical goals. INNOVATIVE POST WORKOUT FORMULA FAST-ABSORBING PROTEIN FAST-ABSORBING CARBS L-GLUTAMINE bcaa’S BETA ALANINE calcium