Superstroke Traxion Tour Series 1.0 Putter Grip Tiffany/Grey/White

Superstroke Traxion Tour Series 1.0 Putter Grip Tiffany/Grey/White
Categories: Surfing, Surfboards
Brand: Superstroke
Color: Blue
Size: 1,0
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The new Tour Series putter grips build on the success of the most successful grip models: the Ultra Slim 1.0, Mid-Slim 2.0, Slim 3.0, and Fatso 5.0. Now with Traxion Control and Spyne Technology, the Tour Series putter grips offer golfers even more reasons to choose the No. 1 Putter Grip In Golf.No CounterCore weight is included with the grip.Tour 1.0 Putter Grip does not come with a Tech-Port and is not CounterCore equipped.Technology:Traxion Control: An advanced surface texture that improves feedback and tack. It places X-shaped treads in high sensory areas on the sides and bottom of the grip to enhance feel and comfort.No Taper Technology: The patented technology helps golfers minimize grip pressure with a unique parallel design. The uniform lower hand profile assists golfers in quieting their hands and adding consistency to their stroke.Spyne Technology: A heavily embossed ridge along the underside of the grip that guides golfers to repeatable hand placement, making it easier to square the face at impact and start more putts online.Tech-Port: Allows golfers to counter-balance their putter to their specific needs. Tech-Port accepts all SuperStroke accessories including the CounterCore weight system.Age Group: AdultOriginal Colour by Producer: Tiffany/Grey/WhiteColour: BlueColour: WhiteColour: GreyCore Size: .580"Made in: ChinaGender: MaleGender: FemaleGrip Length: StandardSize: 1,0Suitable for: PutterWeight: 71 g