Tecmate Battery Charger Optimate Lithium

Tecmate Battery Charger Optimate Lithium
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Brand: Tecmate
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Advanced 12 V LiFePO4 2.5 - 100 Ah battery charger/maintainer. Extends life and improves performance of a 12 V battery, mounted in a vehicle/craft or battery operated system that is not in daily use, even in temperatures below freezing. Optimate senses the battery condition, recharges and then keeps the battery 100 % ready. The OptiMATE maintenance program delivers only what the battery needs, never overcharges, never undercharges.Made in: ChinaCurrent: 0,4 - 5 AHeight: 61 mmLength: 199 mmVoltage: 12 VWeight: 0,74 kgWidth: 71 mmUK/EU Power supply included: NoPower Supply: 230VCurrent (A): 0.5