The Band - Cahoots (Vinyl Box)

The Band - Cahoots (Vinyl Box)
Categories: Surfing, Underwear
Brand: The Band
Color: Black
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Tracklist 1 Life Is a Carnival2 When I Paint My Masterpiece3 Last of the Blacksmiths4 Where Do We Go from Here?5 4% Pantomime6 Shoot Out in Chinatown7 The Moon Struck One8 Thinkin’ Out Loud9 Smoke Signal10 Volcano11 The River Hymn12 Endless Highway13 (Early Studio Take, 2021 Mix)14 When I Paint My Masterpiece15 (Alternate Take, 2021 Mix)16 4% Pantomime (Takes 1 ; 2)17 Don’t Do It (Outtake - Studio Version, 2021 Mix)18 Bessie Smith (Outtake)19 The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show20 We Can Talk21 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever22 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down23 Across the Great Divide24 The Unfaithful Servant25 Don’t Do It26 The Genetic Method27 Chest Fever28 Rag Mama Rag29 Slippin’ and Slidin'30 Life Is a Carnival (Instrumental)31 Volcano (Instrumental)32 Thinkin’ Out Loud (Stripped Down Mix)33 Life Is a Carnival34 When I Paint My Masterpiece35 Last of the Blacksmiths36 Where Do We Go from Here?37 4% Pantomime38 Shoot Out in Chinatown39 The Moon Struck One40 Thinkin’ Out Loud41 Smoke Signal42 Volcano43 The River Hymn44 Endless Highway45 (Early Studio Take, 2021 Mix)46 When I Paint My Masterpiece47 (Alternate Take, 2021 Mix)48 4% Pantomime (Takes 1 ; 2)49 Don’t Do It (Outtake - Studio Version, 2021 Mix)50 Life Is a Carnival51 When I Paint My Masterpiece52 Last of the Blacksmiths53 Where Do We Go from Here?54 4% Pantomime55 Shoot Out in Chinatown56 The Moon Struck One57 Thinkin’ Out Loud58 Smoke Signal59 Volcano60 The River Hymn61 Life Is a Carnival62 The Moon Struck OneGenre: RockSub-Genre: Roots RockSub-Genre: Country RockArtist / Theme: The BandType: LP recordSet Content: 5 pcsType: Anniversary EditionSpeed: 33 1/3 RPMLabel: Universal MusicColour: BlackCountry of Artist: CanadaArtist Decade: 1960sArtist Decade: 1970sArtist Decade: 1980sArtist Decade: 1990sRelease year: 2022.0Release date: 2022-01-21Package Contents: LPMade in: GermanyVariant: Cahoots (Vinyl Box)Original Colour by Producer: Black