Wilson Ultra UL Squash Racket

Wilson Ultra UL Squash Racket
Categories: Surfing, Surfboards
Brand: Wilson
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Ultra-lightweight and ultra-manueverable, the Ultra UL is perfect for squash players seeking an arm-friendly racket capable of generating massive power. Boasting a significant head-heavy balance, the Ultra UL naturally comes through the ball with pace, adding a dose of power to a frame that is incredibly easy to maneuver at a moment’s notice.Features:Exact Tack Grip: Material features perfect blend of tackiness and comfort for optimal grip.Power Profile Geometry: Wide v-shaped neck and squared beams create optimal energy transfer upon contact, producing excellent power at a lighter weight.Graphite: Material features added stiffness for better control in remarkably lightweight composition.Lightest frame in Ultra franchise for superior maneuverability during fast playGeometric design and head shape optimize aerodynamics to allow play closer to wallLength: 68,3 cmString Pattern: 14x18Strung balance (cm): 38,7Strung balance (pts): +13Strung weight: 139 gTaper System: 19,35 - 17,3 mmUnstrung balance (cm): 37,5Unstrung balance (pts): -10Unstrung weight: 127 g