Beginner’s Surfboards for the Irish Coastline

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Beginner's Surfboards
BY Sheila ON 10 Apr 2022

Beginner’s Surfboards for the Irish Coastline

Surfing in Ireland is a dream come true for most surfers. The beautiful, strong waves crashing on 3,172 kilometres of the Irish coastline from the North Atlantic promise a great experience. Whether a complete beginner or a pro surfer, there are many amazing surf spots Ireland has to offer.

Buy the Right Surfboard for Big Waves

Ride the magnificent waves pushed toward the Irish coastline by the powerful Gulf Stream with a sweet, easy to use surfboard. Don’t just purchase one to show off; opt for an easy-to-use foam surfboard designed with the beginner in mind. Look out for durability, stability, and an option with a good float that is easy to paddle.

There are several beautiful beaches in Ireland for newbie surfers to learn how to surf. Check out the four-kilometre sandy Keel Beach in Achill Island, County Mayo, with frequent rolling breakers. Perfect standing in the busy Carrowniskey Beach in County Mayo and finding your feet with advice from pro surfers at the five-kilometre Enniscrone beach in County Sligo.


Enjoy the calming atmosphere of Ireland, the welcoming people, culture, and its exposure to the fierce Atlantic sea. Visit various beaches, coves, and reefs along its west coast and surf incredible waves with strong beginner’s surfboards. Go surf the Idyllic waves in the surfer’s cold paradise, Ireland, all year round.