Surfboard Care

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Surfboard Care
BY Sheila ON 25 Feb 2022

Surfboard Care

Surfing is a fun and cool sport that is enjoyed all over the world. There are many popular locations but surf spots Ireland are arguably some of the most spectacular. Surfers from all over the world visit spots such as Donegal to ride the waves every year.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

As fun as the sport may seem, surfing is pretty dangerous. Before you can start surfing, you need to train hard and gain enough skills to hit the waves. Like most sports, keeping the main tool used in good condition is important. For hockey, the hockey stick is the main tool. In surfing, the surfboard is the key element.

Good surfboard maintenance determines its longevity. To begin with, the manner in which you transport the board matters. Sun rays and heat cause damage to the board and it is advisable to use a surf sock or day bag. When storing the surfboard, it is advisable to use a padded board bag to prevent any damage from other objects.

The Dos and Dont’s

Proper surfboard care includes rinsing the board after you surf. Salty water damages most surfaces so rinsing prevents this. When the board is damaged, it is wiser to get professional help rather than using repair kits by yourself. Lastly, avoid surfing with a damaged board and don’t drag your leash.