Surfing Tips

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Surfing Tips
BY Sheila ON 29 Sep 2021

Surfing Tips

Surfing is one of the most beloved sports in the world. Surf spots in Ireland have become a tourist attraction due to the country’s exposed location on the tumultuous Atlantic seaboard. There are over 3,000 kilometres of coastline that provide more than enough space for thousands of surfers to visit.

How to Surf

There are a number of tips that can help both beginners and intermediate surfers to perfect the sport. To begin with, you need to choose the right surfboard. Soft-top boards are better for beginners. Then you need to find a place to begin practising that is not crowded. Here you can practice your popup without collisions.

Before rushing into the water, remember to warm up with some stretches and light cardio. Like any other sport, surfing requires that you be physically fit since it is very intensive. All this should be under the guidance of a good teacher or coach for beginners. Not only do they teach you the tips, but also the surf etiquette.

Remember to Have Fun

Among the best surfing tips you can find, having fun is definitely among them. That said, do not forget your surf leash as you perfect your techniques. Enjoy the water and learn to respect its magnificence while keeping in mind that as fun as it seems, things can take a turn for the worse any second.