Homedics Refresh Hydrafacial Cleanser

Homedics Refresh Hydrafacial Cleanser
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Brand: Homedics
Color: One Colour
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The Homedics Refresh Hydrafacial Cleanser uses an innovative vacuum technology that draws out blackheads, oil, dirt and debris for skin that looks (and feels) clean and clear. Designed to provide you with an invigorating, at-home hydrafacial experience, this complexion companion uses a vortex of ionised water and vacuum technology to cleanse, hydrate and detoxify your skin. Accompanied by six nozzle attachments and a USB charging cable, the Refresh Hydrafacial Cleanser is a clever, compact device you can enjoy at home or on-the-go. Face First It streamlines your skincare session by way of innovative vacuum technology and ionised water to deep clean your pores - refreshing and reviving your skin in minutes. Hello, Hydrogen As well as being able to deeply penetrate the skin, hydrogen actually recharges, restores and repairs skin cells - which, in turn, can help the anti-aging process. Change the Tone Acting as an astringent (a liquid formula that cleanses the skin), ionised water can tone your complexion and tighten pores. The Refresh Hydrafacial device uses this wonder water to ensure your skin is properly hydrated, firm and glowing. Hydrafacials are good for acne too, as they make for a non-invasive way to encourage clear skin and prevent breakouts. Bye Bye, Blackheads With 3 intensities to choose from, this skincare saviour uses vacuum technology to give your complexion the deep clean it deserves. It extracts impurities such as blackheads, dirt and oil from beneath your skin. As well as spring cleaning your skin, this process also stimulates blood circulation and your body’s natural healing processes to give collagen and elastic production a beauty boost - leaving you with a refreshed, radiant glow. Dual, detachable tank 3 intensities 3 hard nozzle attachments 3 soft nozzle attachments Suitable for all skin types 2-year guarantee Depth: 5 CM Height: 22 CM Width: 5 CM Power Type: Battery Ionised Hydrogen Water Cleanses and hydrates your skin for a refreshed, revived complexion Vacuum Technology Draws out blackheads and impurities from beneath the skin’s surface Dual Tank Ensures the built-in irrigation system works seamlessly Multiple Attachments Provide a customised cleanse for all areas of your face Ergonomic Design Allows you to take control of your hydrafacial experience with ease