Beauty Works 10-In-1 Miracle Spray - 250Ml

Beauty Works 10-In-1 Miracle Spray - 250Ml
Categories: Accessories, Ear Care
Brand: Beauty Works
Color: One Colour
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Beauty Works 10-in-1 Miracle Spray will fast become your go-to hair saviour, with multiple benefits in just 1 spritz! The Beauty Works Miracle Spray is a 10-in-1 spray with a combination of Argan, Linen Seeds and Macadamia that will leave hair feeling nourished and conditioned. It also helps protect your hair from heat and repairs dry, damaged locks! Fortified with argan and macadamia, the innovative formula replenishes lost oils in the hair and helps to eliminate frizz, restore mirror-like shine and prevent split ends. Perfect to use on hair extensions before styling to keep them looking their best. Benefits: Eliminates frizz Restores shine Nourishes Replenishes oils Protects from heat Detangles Conditions Prevents split ends Enhances natural body Repairs dry, damaged hair Height: 180 MM Width: 180 MM 10 Benefits: Eliminates frizz. Restores shine. Nourishes. Replenishes oils. Protects from heat. Detangles. Conditions. Prevents split ends. Enhances natural body. Repairs dry, damaged hair. 250ml